Recent Photos of Bangkok

Here are my best photos from the last six months of life in Bangkok.

Color Photos

(Above two photos) An egg vendor and her daughter.

(Above two photos) Monks in Thailand gather alms every morning and pray with those who donate. Traditionally food is given but I’ve heard that recently it’s become acceptable to give money as well.
A character in Lumpini Park near my condo. This man is almost certainly not a real monk.
These sidewalk whiskey vendors are especially common in working class areas of Bangkok. A shot of Thai whiskey normally costs 10 baht (about 0.30 USD). I remember a few years back when I first noticed one of these places a motorcycle taxi driver drove up, had a quick shot of whiskey without getting off his bike and then drove off into the night to look for his next fare.
An animal rights demonstration in front of a park in central Bangkok
A young student performing for extra money in front of Lumpini Park near my condo
This man and other blind people perform in front of a luxury hotel in central Bangkok

(Above three photos) Local vendors
A famous shrine in central Bangkok surrounded by luxury shopping centers
Progress marches on and I’ve definitely noticed that these mad jumbles of electrical lines are becoming less common than they used to be. I liked the way this one was silhouetted against the bright lights of an Izakaya (Japanese style bar).
In Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries spirit houses (shrines to the spirit of a place) are set up outside homes, residential and commercial buildings and even construction sites. This one is particularly elaborate – the main shrine in the upper right of the photo is typical but the mannequin parts, clothes and reclined wooden figure are over-the-top embellishments I’ve never seen before.
Sunset from my condo balcony
Sunset from the other side of my condo building


Black and White Photos

A sidewalk chess game

(Above six photos) You see a lot of street performers around Bangkok and I’ve noticed that it’s immediately apparent which ones need to do this to survive and which ones are comfortable middle class people doing it for extra income. For example, the elderly man in two of the photos probably needs to do this but with the young girl in the first photo you get the sense that her agent/mother is  on the phone to negotiate the terms of her client/daughter’s next gig. 
Sidewalk vegetable vendor

(Above two photos) Street food vendors
A lottery ticket vendor
A motorcycle repair shop
A large church in central Bangkok and an (unrelated) football field
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