Photos of Penang

In the last post I shared photos of Entopia, Penang’s butterfly conservatory, where I spent my first full day on the island. Here are the best photos from the other seven days in Penang.


This is from a weekend arts and crafts market

(Above three photos) Street food vendors
A jewelry vendor
An old furniture shop
One of several tables set up outside a cheap liquor store in the old area of Georgetown, Penang’s main city. I was told this place is a popular night time hangout for local expats.



One quirk of this set of photos is that there are more shots of monkeys than of people. Penang was actually heavily populated but I spent a lot of time in nature areas (botanical garden, national park etc.) and these were full of macaques.


Street Art

One of the joys of strolling around Georgetown’s old historical area was stumbling upon a lot of cool street art.

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