Photos of Chinese New Year

Here are my best photos from Chinese New Year (Feb. 5-19). The first set is from Bangkok Chinatown and the second is from around Em Quartier, an upscale shopping center.

Bangkok Chinatown

This man and his granddaughter were watching a traditional Chinese New Year dragon dance (below)

This monk was blessing passers by with holy water
New Year’s prayers at Wat Mangkon Kamalawat, the largest Chinese temple in Chinatown

(Above two photos) Votive candles at the same Chinese temple.
An attendant lighting votive candles at another Chinese temple
In the years that I’ve been living in Bangkok I’ve noticed that the police are getting stricter with street vendors…but only a bit – there are still lots of areas where vendors can set up their cart or plop down their wares on the sidewalk and Chinatown is famous for this. With the huge crowds I assume the Chinese New Year period is a busy time of year for street vendors.
A lottery ticket vendor

(Above two photos) Buddhist amulet vendors.
This woman is making Chinese dumplings
One of many vendors selling balloons to young children on Chinese New Years Day
Chinatown is full of old Chinese food shops like this
Traditional beauty treatment. This was out on the sidewalk on a busy street.
Another street vendor
A Thai doughnut vendor
Another street food vendor
Chinatown is famous for Thai Chinese seafood

(Above two photos) Lanterns decorating Chinatown for New Year
A final shot before taking the subway home – light trails in front of Hua Lamphong, Bangkok’s main train station.


Around EM Quartier

(Above two photos) This upscale shopping center invited customers to paint their own lanterns and displayed the best of them. Chinese New Year decorations appeared as soon as Christmas decorations came down (which wasn’t until late January).


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