Christmas in Bangkok

Here are my best photos of Bangkok decked out in Christmas lights. The photos were taken at several different shopping hubs in the central area.


This area is just 10 minutes by train from my condo and I go several times a week.

(Above three photos) Decorations at Terminal 21 shopping center

(Above two photos) In front of the Westin hotel in Asok


Phrom Phong

This area is just one stop from Asok and it’s another one of my favorite haunts in Bangkok.

This photo of EM Quartier shopping center is my favorite in the set. The plaza around the large Christmas tree is quite crowded so I took a few shots from the Skytrain platform which looks over the plaza. I was lucky to get this shot because shortly after I took it a security guard on the platform told me I couldn’t use a tripod there. Other than a small number of indoor shots all photos in this set were taken using a tripod which is virtually essential for good night time photos.

(Above three photos) Other photos of decorations at EM Quartier shopping center. The ghostly shapes of people in this and other shots occur because the shutter is open for several seconds, during which people of course are moving but the decorations, buildings etc. are fixed.


All photos below are from around and inside Siam Paragon, a popular luxury shopping center.



This photo is from an elevated walkway leading to the BTS station and overlooks the entrance to the Dusit Thani, one of Bangkok’s oldest luxury hotels. I find this hotel a bit fuddy duddy and I prefer more modern styles (and ways of thinking) but I do like their Christmas lights.
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