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During my recent travels in Taiwan I spent about one week in Taipei. Before researching the trip I imagined that Taipei was another large, ugly Asian city. There are, truth be told, a lot of these – for example, while Tokyo, Shanghai and Bangkok are endlessly fascinating no one would call them beautiful. As I read up on Taipei though I learned about the large number of nature areas in the city (including a big national park), endless cultural attractions, a world class zoo and lots of promising markets.

My growing impression that Taipei (and the rest of Taiwan) had much more to offer than I expected was the major reason I decided to travel there this fall instead of returning to Nepal, and the trip easily exceeded my expectations. Far from being an ugly Asian city, Taipei was quite clean and well organized and you could easily spend a week or two doing nothing but hiking in Yang Ming Shan National Park and the city’s many other nature preserves. I shared photos from my first day in Taipei in this post. Here are the best photos from the remainder of my time in the city. 

(Above two photos) From the wonderful Taipei Zoo.
This is from Daan Forest Park, which was near my hotel. I chatted with this Japanese man when he took a break. He told me he was funding his travels around Taiwain by playing this instrument in parks and other public places and had traveled in Australia, Singapore and other countries this way. 
This was an animation festival I came across while strolling around one of the city’s many parks 
(Above six photos) Dongmen Market, one of Taipei’s largest fresh markets.
A fruit vendor I ran across while strolling around
Longshan Temple
(Above three photos) The park next to Longshan Temple was full of homeless men but it didn’t feel at all dangerous or seedy. When I was there many of the men were playing Chinese chess (Xiangqi).
A flower market near my hotel
(Above nine photos) From walks in the city’s parks and gardens.
(Above two photos) This performance was part of a festival that was going on when I visited Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, a major art complex in Taipei.
(Above two photos) Some of the amazing food I had in Taiwan.
(Above two photos) From the top of Tiger Mountain Trail, a famous place to see night views of Taipei.

(Above two photos) Stepping into a couple exhibits at The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei. (Not being a naughty tourist here – the exhibition specifically encouraged visitors to interact.)
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