Photos of Taiwan’s Alishan National Scenic Area

On my recent travels in Taiwan, my next stop after Taipei was Alishan National Scenic Area, perhaps the most popular of Taiwan’s countless nature reserves. I stayed a few kilometers outside Alishan in Fenchihu, an old village set among thick bamboo forests and verdant tea plantations. Here are my best photos from both Alishan and some hikes around my B&B.

Monks walking in Alishan. This and other nature photos in this post are from hikes in Alishan and around my B&B near Fenchihu, a few km outside the Scenic Area.

(Above four photos) Alishan and the nearby areas where I took the photos in this post are between 1,500 and 2,700 m altitude and as a result are much cooler than the lower and more populated areas of Taiwan near the coasts (high 10s C during the day). Alishan’s fall foliage was the best I saw during my three weeks of travel in Taiwan.

A traditional coffee shop near Fenchihu’s old train station

(Above two photos) One of my favorite parts of this area of Taiwan was the lovely bamboo forests.

An old street in Fenchihu

(Above three photos) These are shots from near my B&B, which was up in the hills above a small village and surrounded by tea plantations.


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