Photos of Reykjavik

Here are the rest of my best photos of Reykjavik from this July’s travels in Iceland. I’ve also included a Nordic lounge soundtrack for strolling.

A cool cafe not far from my hotel
A vintage cafe’s shop front
“In Monopoly you pay Chuck Norris to stay off your property.”
Absolutely no disagreements with this ­čÖé

(Above two photos) Some Icelandic humor in a book shop I stepped into for warmth and shelter when it rained one day. (July in Iceland was way colder than even the most unseasonably cool winter day in Vietnam or Thailand.) Of the two books, the one on the right is the one I flip through in the bookstore and smile at. But the one on the left, by Harvard cognitive neuroscientist Steven Pinker, is the one I take home (and sometimes to bed) with me. One of the best books I’ve read so far this year.

A vintage photography shop

(Above two photos) From the Einar J├│nsson Sculpture Garden.

From the interior of Harpa concert hall, one of Reykjavik’s major landmarks
Harpa concert hall from a boat ride I took to a nearby island
From the cafe in the concert hall. These delectable looking morsels can be yours for 3,200 Kroner each (about 30 USD). I recommend Iceland highly but it’s by far the most expensive place I’ve ever been. One of the Buddha’s central points was that life is a gauntlet of desires and how we navigate those (especially mentally) has a huge impact on our happiness and well-being. I was quite hungry when I stumbled on this cafe and definitely salivating as I took this photo, but I decided to buy a bar of dark chocolate in the gift shop for a snack and get lunch later outside the concert hall. For example, at…

(Above two photos) A great Thai takeout place I ate at once a day while in Reykjavik. $20/a plate for casual Asian takeout food definitely counts as cheap eats there. For the same amount of money you could eat fabulous Thai street food for a week in Bangkok.

Blue Lagoon thermal spa just outside the city. I was fascinated to learn that the hot spring water is the runoff from a nearby geothermal power plant.


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