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I haven’t been able to post in the blog for a while because my June and July travels in the US and Iceland were just too busy and eventful. My motivation for the blog is as high as ever though and now that I’m back to regular life in Bangkok I look forward to resuming regular posts.

The two weeks I spent in Iceland were so rich in amazing scenery that I’ll probably do at least 3-4 posts from that trip, especially of the extended trek and day hikes I did there. I need more time to go over the thousands of photos I took on that trip and select only the very best for the blog. For now, here are my best photos from Pokhara, which is a gateway for many treks in Nepal, including the one I did in April.

Fewa Lake at sunset. Pokhara lies on the shore of this lake.

(Above three photos) Begnas Lake, on the outskirts of Pokhara
This is from a fruit and vegetable market in Pokhara. Nepal’s second city was a lot cleaner than Kathmandu and I think most tourists like it more. I certainly understand that perspective and I did like Pokhara. Kathmandu’s local markets were unforgettable though and I spent many happy hours strolling and photographing the Asan street market where everyone seems to just lay their wares out on the street or in the squares wherever they can find space, and cars, motorbikes, bicycles and rickshaws buzz around in a big cloud of dust. By contrast, Pokhara’s main market area was much cleaner and more organized. For my own shopping I actually prefer the cleanliness, organization and convenience of supermarkets. (Locals here in Thailand and when I lived in Vietnam love to point out how much cheaper the local markets are, and I completely agree with this, but the point I make to them is that a focus on price alone ignores the critical value of our time, which I feel is wasted when actually shopping at traditional markets (tracking down everything you need to buy across countless stalls, haggling over prices etc.). For strolling and photography though I love these places!
A shoe repairman on the streets of Pokhara
A local child at her family’s shop

(Above two photos) Great food and people watching at the Juicery Cafe, which was one of my favorite places to eat when I was in Pokhara
A family run Nepali bread shop
One of several dogs I saw with a Hindu bindi dot
A local pharmacy. I loved the orderliness of the medicine bottles.
A local tailor
In both India and Nepal you can find these little shops selling tea, local breads, samosas etc. Nepal reminded me a lot of India and when I mentioned this to locals I met here they agreed that there are a lot of similarities between the people, food, religion and other culture etc.
A small mobile shop
What’s this? Why of course, it’s a “New Chai Baba Cookie Corner Party Animal Gathering Place”. (And – why not? – a “Camping Zone”) Even at prices that are shockingly low by developed country standards, the money we travelers spend in places like this goes a long way, and when traveling in developing countries I’m frequently surprised at the lengths that locals go to provide something – anything! – to tourists.
I met this traveler (from Sweden, I believe) on a day hike outside Pokhara and asked if I could photograph his tattoos
A house on the outskirts of Pokhara
Prayer candles at Bindabasini Temple in Pokhara
Flowers in a garden beside Bindabasini Temple

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