Scenes from Saigon

Here are my favorite photos from the last two months in Saigon. All photos were taken within a short walking distance of my apartment.

Tao Dan Park. Vietnamese parents sometimes dress up their children for special occasions such as holidays and birthdays.

Martial arts exercise in Tao Dan Park
Buddhist nun at a traditional market
Roadside lottery ticket vendor
Motorcycle taxi driver

(Above two photos) Makeup class in Tao Dan Park

(Above two photos) Flowers in Tao Dan Park
Banh mi (baguette sandwich) vendor at a traditional market
An outdoor cafe in Tao Dan Park
One of my favorite neighborhood noodle stands. The proprietress keeps her child here because there is no one else to watch him.
Sidewalk tailor
Security guard outside a hair salon
A customer at a popular banh mi stand near my apartment


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